Discover Your Love Language Through Your Zodiac Sign

Aries love openly. As a blazing fire sign, you send your partners gifts, passion, and love. Love is shown through words of praise.

Aries: Words of Affirmation

Taurus loves despite relationship rigidity. You'll spend a lot on a loved one's anniversary or birthday since you're amorous. Your love language is gift-giving.

Taurus: Gift Giving

Geminis appreciate supersocial partnerships. Communicating with your partner creates trust. Communicating and thinking require time. Love chats. You like praise.

Gemini: Words of Affirmation

Cancer dates lie. Be kind. Astrologer and Happy Mystic creator Peggy Lundquist believes this sign's love language is caring and meeting your needs. Cancer pays.

Cancer: Acts of Service

Extroverted Leos love. Flaunting your mate is love. Give someone exceptional attention since you're used to it. Text nicely and plan romantic dates.

Leo: Quality Time

Virgos love perfectly. Virgos feel profoundly, explains Hannah Pierce. Gentle touches show love and relax you. "Show" not "tell."

Virgo: Physical Touch

ruled by fantasies Libras love faithfully like Venus. You want others to be happy and know you care. You love with gifts. Gifts express love best.

Libra: Gift Giving

Scorpio, you're private. Allowing a romantic partner in is passionate. Your sex urge is stronger because physical contact sparks intimacy.

Scorpio: Physical Touch

Sagittarius partners seldom. Lundquist argues this is an independent sign of affection. Adventurers are needed.

Sagittarius: Quality Time

Even shy, you'll please. You enjoy feeding your partner breakfast or filing their taxes as an earth sign. Affection can be shown without romance.

Capricorn: Acts of Service

Aquarius isn't romantic. Social and busy. You want to brag about your mate. Shopping and romantic dates await. You may marry your soulmate.

Aquarius: Quality Time

Pisces love. You sense your partner's emotions. Nice compliments. If they had a bad workday, remind them of their triumphs. Love poems!

Pisces: Words of Affirmation

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