DIY Pet Toys: Fun and Budget


"Create a DIY dog feeding toy using a PVC pipe. Drill holes, sand edges, add PVC caps, and make your pup work for treats. Dog Tipper's idea."

Interactive dog feeder toy

Plastic bottle tug toy

"Upcycle plastic bottles into a fun tug toy for your dog. Check out Eigil the Staffy's simple and creative DIY idea. Reduce, reuse, and play!"

Ball tug toy

"Create a DIY ball tug dog toy with an old T-shirt and tennis ball. Cut, wrap, cinch, and braid for a tuggable and fun homemade toy."

Rope ball toy

"Craft a rope toy with patience, pliers, rope, a lacrosse ball, and tape. Unwind, knot, and create a fun DIY toy for interactive play."

T-shirt rope toy

"Transform unused T-shirts into a stylish T-shirt rope toy for your dog. Check out Permacrafters' easy tutorial on Instagram. DIY fun for your pup!"

DIY agility jump

"DIY agility jump for extra dog exercise. Use PVC pipe, fittings, and a cutter. Follow instructions for a backyard or indoor setup. Get active!"

No-sew denim dog toy

"No sewing machine needed! Create a denim dog toy with scissors and old jeans. Simple, sturdy, and perfect for chewing. DIY fun!"

Towel tug toy

"Upcycle tattered towels into washable dog toys. Cut, tie, and braid for easy DIY fun. Give new life to old towels!"

apple pie pupsicles

"Cute frozen yogurt dog treats with only 3 ingredients. Mix, freeze, and serve for a delightful and tasty treat. Your dog will love them!"

Sweet potato rope toy

"DIY fiber-rich dog treat: Bake sweet potato rings, string on a rope, and add fun to your pup's routine. Watch Elmo's Kitchen for demo."