Dog Breeds That Originated in Africa


Salukis: tall, slender, and athletic dogs with a strong and balanced physique. Despite their slim appearance, they possess great strength and agility.

Rhodesian Ridgeback

Rhodesian ridgebacks: a unique breed resulting from crossing native ridged Khoikhoi dogs with European breeds. Skilled hunters, they were used to confront lions in southern Africa.

African Wild Dog

African wild dogs, also called painted dogs or painted wolves, are unique canines found in sub-Saharan Africa. They roam in packs, resembling the wild wolves of Africa, and hunt antelope on the plains and woodlands.

Aidi (Atlas Mountain Dog)

The Aidi, despite originating from Africa, has a thick, dense, and soft coat, providing protection even in hot climates.

f 1 Boerboel

Often mistaken for other mastiff-type breeds, Boerboels have a powerful and intimidating appearance with a muscular build and blocky head. However, their nature is much more gentle and friendly.


The history of the mysterious sloughi breed remains unclear, but it is known that hunters held a special appreciation for these hounds.


The Basenji may be small, but it's highly athletic with remarkable stamina. These dogs possess a compact body and an abundance of energy.

Abyssinian Sand Terrier (Hairless African Dog)

Rare African breed with long bodies, varying skin tones, and striking hairlessness. Some hair on heads and tail ends.

Chinese Crested

Chinese crested's origin unclear, likely evolved from African hairless dogs crossed with smaller Chinese breeds.

of 23Coton de Tulear

Unusual African dog: coton de Tulear. Fluffy, playful, and loves amusing owners with antics. Not what you'd expect from an African breed.