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Dog Sports and Activities


Discover the world of Doga, a trend that combines yoga and dogs for a balanced and relaxing experience. Strengthen your bond, improve well-being, and enjoy exercise together in a peaceful setting

Dog Dancing

Discover the joy of dog dancing! Choreograph synchronized moves and tricks with your furry friend to the rhythm of music. Unleash your creativity and create a unique bond through the art of dog dancing


Experience the thrill of Bikejoring, a fast-paced sport where your dog(s) pull you while you ride a bike. Enjoy the speed, control, and exhilaration of this canine sport. Choose athletic and powerful dog breeds for an unforgettable adventure. Safety gear is a must

Dog Swimming

Dive into the world of dog swimming and discover the many benefits it offers. Improve your dog's health, fitness, and muscle development while enjoying the water. With proper training and safety measures, any dog can become a confident swimmer

Dog Agility

Unleash the thrill of dog agility! Challenge your dog's intelligence, athleticism, and teamwork as you navigate through an exciting obstacle course together. Improve focus, obedience, and have fun


Experience the thrill of Canicross - a sport that combines running and dog sledding. Let your dog lead the way as you enjoy the great outdoors together. Get fit, bond, and have fun!


Dock Jumping

Make a splash with dock jumping! Watch as dogs leap from a dock into the water, competing to see who can jump the farthest or highest. Exciting canine fun for all


Get ready for high-speed action with flyball! Watch as teams of dogs race through obstacles, triggering the flyball box to catch and retrieve balls. Fast-paced fun for active pups

Dog Herding

Unleash your dog's herding instincts in the exciting sport of dog herding! Watch as they skillfully maneuver livestock, showcasing their natural abilities and forming an unbreakable bond with their handler. A thrilling experience for both dog and handler

Lure Coursing

Lure coursing is an exciting dog sport perfect for dogs that love to chase. Dogs chase a mechanically operated lure that simulates prey. The lure operator moves the lure in a pattern to simulate live coursing, inciting the dog to chase it.

Dog Conformation

Dogs ranked by breed conformity. Competitive sport examines structure, proportions. Owners work to develop strengths. Closer match = better breeding.