12 Dogs That Get Along with Cats

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Basset hound

Mellow Basset hounds with floppy ears are loyal and patient, making them ideal for introducing them to a feline sibling. Best dog breeds for cats.


Beagles are sociable and enjoy the company of other animals and people, making them great for cats. Fur may not fly, but beagles' excitement over squirrels might perplex your feline. Best dog breeds for cats.


Bulldogs may not be fond of other dogs, but they usually get along with cats and other pets. Their shared traits of laziness and napping make them ideal companions. Best dog breeds for cats.

Cavalier King Charles spaniel

Cavalier King Charles Spaniels are loving toy dogs that make great emotional support dogs and get along well with cats. Perfect companions for a feline roommate.


Collies, known for their loyalty and intelligence, can defy expectations and get along well with cats. Their sweet nature and smarts enable them to adapt and interact harmoniously with feline siblings.

Irish setter

Irish Setters, known for their friendly and energetic nature, can easily get along with cats. Their outgoing personality and playful demeanor make them irresistible companions for even the most aloof feline friends.

Golden retriever

Golden Retrievers are known for their sweet and friendly nature, making them excellent companions for cats. With their empathy, playfulness, and eagerness to please, they are one of the best dog breeds for cats.


Poodles are cat-friendly dogs with a good-natured temperament. They quickly learn to respect a cat's boundaries and are excellent snuggle buddies. Plus, they are low-shedding, making them ideal for households with cats.

Labrador retriever

Labrador Retrievers are friendly, gentle dogs that get along well with cats. Their kind and accommodating nature makes them a great choice for households with cats, as they always find the good in everyone they meet.


Papillons are playful and adaptable, making them a great choice for households with cats. They love to snuggle and can be trained to use indoor potty systems, making them a convenient companion for their feline sibling.

Tibetan spaniel

Tibetan Spaniels are calm and independent dogs that get along well with cats. They prefer higher places and are fiercely devoted to their human, making them adorable companions for both cats and humans.