Eco-Friendly Dog Treats for Happy Tails

Organic Pumpkin Dog Cookies

Because, Animals: Organic dog cookies made with pumpkin, maple syrup, and nutritional yeast for better digestion and cruelty-free manufacturing.

Beef Chips Dog Treats

Primal Pet Foods: USA-sourced, nutrient-packed beef chips for dogs, reducing waste and promoting cruelty-free practices.

Superfood Dog Treats

Chippin: Superfood dog treats with sustainable cricket protein, peanut butter, oats, and flaxseed. Women-owned, ethically sourced, and planet-friendly ingredients.

Coconut Chia Peanut Butter For Dogs

Big Spoon's Coconut Chia Peanut Butter: Healthy dog treat with coconut oil, chia seeds, and Omega fatty acids for happy bellies and shiny coats.

Lamb Ears Dog Treats

ZIWI: Organic lamb ear dog treats with liver coating. Ethically sourced, sustainable, and made from grass-fed, free-range meats. Rawhide alternative for all-sized dogs.

No-Hide Peanut Butter Dog Chews

Earth Animal: Rawhide-free, peanut butter-flavored treat made with humanely raised, organic ingredients. Vet-founded, ethically sourced, sustainable packaging.

Bacon Brew Dog Biscuits

Portland Pet Food Company: Bacon Brew Dog Biscuits made from repurposed grains from breweries. 100% human-grade, USA-made with USDA-certified ingredients. 5% of net profits donated to animal welfare.

Dehydrated Cod Skins Dog Treats

Open Farm's cod skins: Transparent, sustainable, and delicious dog treats. One ingredient: wild-caught cod. Ethical sourcing and full disclosure.

Omega & Probiotic Sprinkles for Dogs

Because, Animals' Omega & Probiotic Sprinkles: Boosts gut health, skin, and coat. Vegetarian treats with probiotics, prebiotics, seaweed blends, and organic ingredients.