Essential Supplies You Need When Bringing a Kitten Home

Cat Carrier

Safe travel for new kittens requires individual carriers; one per kitten. Keep them secure and comfortable.

Kitten Food

Feed your growing kitten specially labeled kitten food to meet their unique nutritional needs for rapid growth.

Food and Water Bowls

Choose bowls based on your kitten's size, eating habits, and your lifestyle. Consider elevated, slow feeder, or automatic options. Spoil with a water fountain if they like trickling water.


Liu recommends small, crunchy treats and high-value options like Churu. Use Churu on a Lickimat for grooming or training purposes. Kittens will purr!

Nail Trimmer

Regular nail trims protect your cat from pain and infections. Start when they're kittens for easier handling. Choose proper clippers for the job.

Brush or Comb

Brushing your kitten removes loose hair, prevents mats, tangles, and hairballs. It's a bonding experience and promotes healthy grooming habits.

Toothbrush and Kitty Toothpaste

Get a toothbrush and toothpaste for your kitten's dental care. Start brushing early to maintain healthy teeth, fresh breath, and prevent diseases.


Keep your kitten entertained with soft toys, toy mice, catnip toys, and interactive wands. Avoid small objects and promote bonding during playtime.

Scratching Post

Enrich your kitten's environment with beds, trees, and scratching posts. Provide outlets for scratching and climbing to prevent unwanted behavior. Choose or create options that suit your style.

Cat Bed

Give your kitten a cozy bed of her own. Cats prefer warmer temperatures, so opt for fleece beds, caves, or cubbies for ultimate comfort.

Cat Tree

Liu suggests a tall, sturdy cat tree with perches and cubbies. Don't worry if you have limited space; there are options for small spaces. Add shelves and window perches for a complete setup.