Exercises to Improve Your Flexibility


Standing Quad Stretch

Balance and Flexibility: Strengthen your legs and improve flexibility by performing the heel-to-buttock stretch with each foot.

Standing Side Stretch

Full-Body Stretch: Stand, lift arms overhead, interlace fingers. Inhale, reach up. Exhale, bend right. Hold. Exhale, return. Repeat left.

Seated Hamstring Stretch

Seated Leg Stretch: Extend right leg, bend left leg. Lean forward, reach ankle, pull toe towards body. Hold 10s. Repeat with other leg.

Standing Calf Stretch

Wall Stretch: Stand 3ft from wall, palms flat, shoulder-width apart. Place right foot back, toes forward. Straighten right knee, heel down, lean forward. Hold, repeat with other leg.

Shoulder Stretch

Chest Stretch: Stand straight, grab opposite elbow, pull across chest. Hold, repeat other side. Enhance flexibility and relieve tension.

Forward Fold Stretch: Stand, feet hip-width apart, interlace fingers behind back. Inhale, extend arms. Exhale, bend at waist, extend hands towards head. Hold for 5s.

The Forward Hang

Cat-Cow Stretch: On all fours, inhale and arch back upward. Hold. Exhale, dip back and push tummy down. Hold. Improve spinal flexibility.

Back stretch

Butterfly Stretch: Sit upright, bend knees, press soles together. Grasp feet, drop knees to sides, apply gentle pressure. Stretch groin and inner thighs. Twist chest left and right.

Butterfly Groin Stretch

Hip-width stance. Lunge right foot front. Interlace fingers under ribs. Squeeze glutes, tuck pelvis. Bend knees down 3 counts, up 3 counts. Switch legs.

 Split Squat

Prone Chest Lift: Lie on tummy, thumbs under shoulders, feet extended. Squeeze glutes, tuck pelvis. Raise chest, push through thumbs. Hold 5s, return. Strengthen back and core.

Modified Cobra

The piriformis muscle is a key hip rotator. Stretching it prevents sciatic nerve irritation and helps treat sciatica. Important for hip movement.

Piriformis Stretch