Experts Say Signs Your Partner Isn't Ready for Marriage

Many partners avoid talking about marriage if they don't want to take that step anytime soon, says matchmaker Sandra Myers.

They change the subject whenever marriage comes up

Myers warns that if your partner can't discuss marriage openly, they're not ready and it's a red flag not to ignore.

You can tell your partner's views on marriage by their reaction to the topic. Negative comments could indicate dislike.

They make negative comments about marriage in general

Pay attention to their words when they speak of marriage with friends or family, advises Pervis.

Subtle shifts in mood when discussing marriage can reveal your partner's true feelings. If their emotions sour, it's a red flag.

Their mood shifts when marriage is brought up

If your partner is consistently in a bad mood when marriage is mentioned, it indicates they're not ready for that commitment.

Integrating you into their life is a sign of settling down, says relationship expert Tiffany Homan. No introduction to family likely means no marriage.

They haven't tried introducing you to their family

Not introducing you to family is a clear indication that the relationship isn't going anywhere, says Homan. A sincere partner wants to include you.

Assess your partner's readiness for marriage by observing their avoidance of in-depth future conversations, suggests Trombetti.

They avoid conversations about the future

If they delay discussing merging lives or making progress towards marriage, it may indicate their lack of readiness.

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