Explore Roman History In Italy: The Best Places To Visit



The Colosseum: A vast Roman arena, their largest surviving edifice. Built for public entertainment and sports. Oval-shaped, 186m long and 156m wide.

The Grand Canal, Venice

Dream of a gondola ride in Venice, the city of islands and waterways. The Grand Canal, adorned with magnificent palaces from the 13th to the 18th century, showcases the opulence of wealthy families.


Visit Pompeii, a beautiful city near Naples. Explore the ancient ruins and archaeological sites, marveling at Roman engineering and architecture.

Amalfi Coas

Discover the UNESCO World Heritage Site of the Amalfi Coast along the Sorrentine Peninsula.

Leaning Tower of Pisa

The city of Pisa has several tourist attractions, but nothing can beat the Leaning Tower of Pisa. It was started to be built in the 1100s, and the leaning began when the construction reached its third story.

Lake Como

Lake Como is the largest lake in Italy. The Alps surround this picturesque region. It has been home to several wealthy people since Roman times because of its beautiful climate.

Lake Resia

Lake Resia: Unique place in Italy's Alpine region. Features a submerged church steeple, remnants of drowned village Curon. Inspires novels and Netflix series.

Scanno, Abruzzo

Scanno is a small village commune situated in the Abruzzo region. You can reach this tiny but beautiful village by bus directly from Rome and Sulmona.


Experience the enchanting green landscapes of Tuscany


Discover Dolceacqua in the Italian Riviera. Admire its architecture, the Ponte Vecchio bridge, Dolceacqua Castle. Explore Visionarium, savor red wine and Michetti sweets.


Discover Sicily, a UNESCO World Heritage Site with stunning villages, castles, beaches, and ancient structures.