Fascinating Facts About Black Cats

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One in 22

The Bombay cat, a result of crossing Sable Burmese with black American Shorthairs, is the only all-black feline that resembles a miniature black panther.

The Witching Hour

Black cats were associated with witchcraft and superstitions due to their ability to remain unseen. Thankfully, those beautiful black kitties can now rest easy without the burden of such beliefs.

Imposters Dressed in Black

Sun exposure can reveal faint stripes on black cats with an underlying tabby gene, as the sun's rays break down the pigment in their fur, similar to a feline suntan.


True onyx-hued cats produce abundant melanin, resulting in captivating black coats and rare amber eyes, a stunning combination.

Fortune Kitty

Ancient Egyptians revered all cats, including black cats, as sacred beings. The goddess Bastet, symbolized by a black cat, was highly worshipped for her association with domestic felines, believed to bring luck to households.

Cat Onboard

Black cats were believed to bring luck to sailors, ensuring safe voyages and keeping ships rodent-free. Fishermen's wives also kept them for their husbands' safe return

Magic Fur

Researchers found that the genetic mutation causing black fur in cats also offers disease protection. Studying these cats may aid in understanding and treating human health issues like Cancer and Alzheimer's.

Cash Cat

Tommaso, an abandoned black cat, became a millionaire after his owner left him a 10 million euro inheritance. A heartwarming rags-to-riches story from the streets of Rome.

Lucky in love

Black cats are believed to enhance love lives and attract suitors in some cultures, challenging the stereotype of the "crazy cat lady." Just remember to check for fur before a date!