First Date Impressions: What People Notice First

Physical attraction can occur within 0.7 to 3 seconds of meeting someone, with teeth being a noticeable feature.

Your teeth

Teeth are observed during first impressions because a smile is typically exchanged when meeting someone new.

Your date cares about the effort you put into getting ready, not whether your clothes are high-end or thrifted.

Your clothes

Wearing appropriate clothing for the occasion shows that you're on the same page, according to relationship expert Rachel Hazan.

Actions on a date can give off specific vibes. Your energy, body language, and actions affect your date's perception.

Your body language

Crossed arms can indicate discomfort. Poor eye contact may signal mistrust, and slouching can mean negative things on a first date.

Your date will notice if you laugh, not how you do it. A good sense of humor is attractive.

Your laugh

A sense of humor indicates you're easy-going and not too serious. It can spark curiosity and be a turn-on.

Brinkley advises against talking too much or saying nothing during a date. Interrupting, not listening, and being rude are also bad.

Your ratio of speaking to listening

Van Loo says to focus on the conversation to show genuine interest. A date who asks questions and gets to know you is interested.

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