Fun and Easy Diy Cat Toys That Kitties Can’t Resist


Toilet paper roll toys

Transform a toilet paper roll into a simple cat toy or a treat-filled puzzle for endless feline entertainment. DIY fun for your kitty!

Feather fascinator

Create a captivating feather toy for your cat using braids, feathers, and mesh tubes. Hours of feline fascination guaranteed!

Ultimate kitty puzzle

Combine toilet paper rolls, boxes, and creativity to make a pinball-inspired toy for your cat. Watch them become a whiskered pinball wizard!

Cat scratch door hanger

Craft a purr-fect cat scratch door hanger with sisal rope, wooden board, string, and pom poms. Endless entertainment for your feline friend

Tree stump scratch pad

Create a rustic scratching post with rolled cardboard and cork/bark. Kitty-approved stump for scratching and lounging. DIY fun

Cardboard catscraper

Build a stylish catscraper with stacked cardboard for your kitty's scratching pleasure. Sturdy base and vertical design for endless fun

Wiggle wand toy

Craft a meow-nificent cat toy with leather, cord thread, dowel, and more. Pudge-approved fun

Cat puzzle toy

Create a DIY cat puzzle toy with a food container. Fill it with catnip toys, treats, and balls for endless feline entertainment

DIY cat tent

Transform a T-shirt into a cozy cat tent using wire hangers and cardboard. A purr-fect sleeping spot for your feline friend

Cat dancer toy

Craft a catnip-filled flying toy with felt shapes, pom-poms, feathers, and string. Hours of feline entertainment!

Cardboard hide-and-seek toy

Transform a cardboard box into an engaging hide-and-seek toy for your cat. Affordable and entertaining