Fun Games To Play With Your Dog

Multiple Blue Rings
Blue Rings

Back and Forth Fetch

Elevate your game of fetch with multiple balls. Throw one ball, when your dog returns, toss another in the opposite direction for an exciting and fast-paced playtime.

Hide and Seek Fetch

Adapt fetch for less active dogs with hide and seek fetch. Hide their toy, let them find it, bring it to you, and then throw it for them to fetch. Mental and physical stimulation in a rewarding game.

Basketball Fetch

Basset Hounds: Floppy-faced and unique. Elastic skin, wrinkly with a long sausage body. Sweet and cheerful temperament. Height: 33-38cm. Weight: 18-30kg. Lifespan: 12-13 years. Temperament: Laid-back, social, patient.

Fetch Tricks

Make fetch fun by adding tricks before throwing the ball: high five, shake, sit, spin. Reinforce training, reward obedience, keep it exciting.


Make chase game exciting with dog-friendly bubbles. Pop and find new bubbles for fun and challenge. Dog bubble blower machine available.

Seek and Treat

Seek and Treat: Indoor/outdoor game for mental stimulation. Hide treats, give seek command, adjust difficulty. Encourage with smelly treats. Increase challenge as dog improves.

Find the Toy

Find the Toy: Challenging game for toy-oriented dogs. Hide favorite toy, encourage search, praise. Increase difficulty, vary hiding places. Suitable for all fitness levels, indoors/outdoors.

Will Work For Food

Dogs work for dinner: Add treats to meal, hide portions around house/yard, use puzzle toys. Instantly rewarding, enriching, and entertaining.

Indoor Agility

Indoor Agility: Set up course in living room. Use treats to lead dog. Get equipment or improvise with household items. Fun for all dogs indoors.

Dog Puzzles

Dog puzzles: DIY or buy. Challenging and filled with treats. Keep dogs busy, great for solo play. Available in various difficulty levels.

Flirt Pole

Flirt pole: Chase game for dogs. Pole with cloth attached. Buy or DIY with PVC/wooden dowel and rag. Stimulates hunting instincts, entertaining.