Global Biggest Industries by Revenue in 2023

Multiple Blue Rings
Multiple Blue Rings

Global Life & Health Insurance Carriers

Global Life & Health Insurance Carriers industry declined despite growing demand. Crucial risk management services with massive asset holdings. Protects against illness, injury, death. Vital for population's well-being


Global Pension Funds industry thrived with strong growth due to favorable returns and contributions. Vital for retirement needs of aging population. Revenue projected to reach $4.0 trillion.


Global Commercial Real Estate industry grew, but investor confidence declined. COVID-19 impact led to revenue decline, expected to slightly decrease to $4.2T despite recovery in 2022.

Global Car & Automobile Sales

Global Car Sales industry to decline due to COVID-19 impact, trade tensions, semiconductor shortage. Limited recovery, geopolitical concerns, inflationary pressure.

Global Direct General Insurance Carriers

Global Direct General Insurance industry faces challenges from soft market, disasters, low rates. Growth in emerging markets fuels industry expansion and rising revenue forecast.

Global Commercial Banks

Global commercial banks revenue to grow with strong global economy, driven by US and emerging markets. CAGR of 0.8% past 5 years, expected $2.8 trillion in 2023.

Global Car & Automobile Manufacturing

Global Car Manufacturing industry thrived pre-COVID with strong demand and technological advancements. Pandemic caused significant slowdown in demand and supply.

Global Oil & Gas Exploration & Production

Global Oil & Gas Exploration industry faces price fluctuations but steady production growth. Slowing demand, rising supply caused price decline. Revenue to grow 12.3% to $5.0 trillion by 2022.

Global Auto Parts & Accessories Manufacturing

Global Auto Parts Manufacturing industry revenue declines, CAGR of 6.3% past 5 years. Stagnation in 2023, profit drop expected. Aftermarket demand supports revenue. COVID-19 disrupts global supply chain.

Global Engineering Services

Global Engineering Services industry relies on investment and economic health for projects. Strong investment in major markets drives growth. Revenue expected to rise.