Greatest Cameras of All Time

The Kodak, 1888

Kodak: first point-and-shoot camera, revolutionized photography, circular pictures, rollfilm, no viewfinder, manual shutter.

Leica I 1925

Leica: iconic 35mm camera, mass-produced, established format, compact design, excellent performance, automatic features, prized by collectors.

Kine Exakta I 1936

Kine Exakta I: pioneering 35mm SLR, trapezoidal design, left-handed controls, versatile system camera, innovative features.

Rolleiflex Automat 1937

Rolleiflex Automat: iconic TLR, influential design, integrated controls, automatic features, sought-after collector's item.

Polaroid 95 1948

Polaroid Land Camera: first successful instant-picture camera, self-developing, iconic design, instant success, lasting impact on photography.

Leica M3, 1954

Leica M3: finest 35mm rangefinder, advanced features, precise operation, iconic design, influential in Leica's digital cameras.

Nikon F, 1959

Nikon F: pioneering professional SLR, modular design, enduring F mount, industry-leading camera system, wide range of lenses and accessories.

Olympus OM-1, 1973

Olympus OM-1: revolutionary compact SLR, full-featured, match-needle metering, legendary design by Y. Maitani, extensive lens and accessory system.

Pentax K1000, 1977

Volkswagen Bug of SLRs: enduring, affordable, Pentax K-mount, straightforward, reliable, popular among enthusiasts.

Minolta Maxxum  1985

Maxxum 7000: first integrated autofocus SLR, revolutionary technology, sales success, influenced the industry, legacy in Sony cameras.

Nikon NC2000 AP, 1994

Nikon NC2000: AP photojournalist camera, 1.3MP sensor, removable PC cards, limited buffer, first pro DSLR, high cost.