How to find your niche


Discover your interests, pursue enjoyable learning, and consider a switch if your current field is boring. Enjoying your work keeps you motivated

Identify your interests

Identify problems you can solve

Identify customer problems, research markets, use Google Trends, find your interests, and fill market gaps to create successful business ideas

Focus on individuals

Target the right customers who share your values for brand loyalty and a profitable business. It's okay if not everyone buys from you


Like trying on shoes, explore different niches. Optimize search engines to attract customers and grow your online business or e-commerce store

Gather feedback

Start conversations to gain feedback and insights. Engage with potential customers, network with similar professionals to understand specific needs

Forget about making money at the beginning

Don't rush financial success with a new business. Be patient, as it takes time to become profitable. Avoid unnecessary financial pressure

Look at competitors

Take notes on what else is out there to help with your strategies or branding and content — but make sure your work is original.

Find your unique selling point

Discover your unique selling point to stand out in the market. Let your creativity shine by highlighting what makes your product/service special

Test your ideas

Test your niche: create a website, canvas, attend fairs. Gain exposure, explore ideas, and showcase your own to validate your niche

Reassess your chosen niche

Regularly assess profitability, target audience, and consumer solutions. Reflect, readjust, and strive for continuous improvement in your business