How to Speak Your Partner's Language

Love Languages: Discov

Communicate, understand, and take the quiz together on Chapman's site to determine each other's needs and express yours honestly.

Love Lang.: Explore more

Tips: Knowing Love Languages isn't enough; understand how to meet specific needs for each language to make efforts count in your relationship.

Express your needs clearly

Don't expect partner to read your mind. Explain why quality time matters, teach Love Language® regularly, and be patient as they learn.

Embrace partner's Love Lang

Possible but not guaranteed. Avoid changing partner's Lang. Instead, accept their needs and find comfort. Mutual acceptance crucial in relationships.

Ask them to translate

Understanding: Ask partner to translate. If puzzled by their needs, inquire and appreciate their perspective on spending time together

Speak their Lang, not yours.

Discover, learn, express, accept, translate, speak their language for a fulfilling relationship.


Compromise, meet halfway, give and take. Words of affirmation? Express despite discomfort. Physical touch? Partner's willingness key.

Be willing to cope with change

Speak partner's Love Lang, adapt with time, keep communicating, choose love.

Use feedback to improve

Learning Love Languages® takes time and effort. Embrace mistakes, manage expectations, seek feedback, and appreciate efforts for growth.

Keep practicing

Practice Love Languages® daily to ensure your partner feels loved. Don't make it a chore; have fun with it for a fulfilling relationship.