how to find your passion


Brainstorm the activities you find fulfilling and meaningful

Reflect on enjoyable activities, seek input from others, consider rewarding career aspects, and learn from past experiences to find your passion

Write down values that are important to you

Align passion with values, admire role models, solve problems, help others, and envision desired outcomes for fulfilling career pursuits

Consider your talents

Discover passion through talents, skills, and compliments. Enjoyment matters more than perfection. Pursue what brings joy

Look for common themes in your interests

Explore commonalities in interests, books, hobbies, and investments to uncover hidden passions and recurring themes

Narrow down your interests

Prioritize important interests. Avoid overwhelming yourself by focusing on a few. Research career paths to align with your passion

Rekindle a childhood passion

Revisit childhood interests, engage in past activities. Reflect on younger self's passions and find joy in reconnecting with them

Explore the things you’ve always wanted to try

Embrace new experiences, overcome fear, pursue passions. Stay open-minded, explore diverse interests, and consider new career paths

Talk with people in areas you’re passionate about

Seek mentors for guidance, reach out to experienced individuals, develop connections to learn and grow in your interests

Be enthusiastic about everything you do

Approach disliked tasks as learning opportunities. Embrace open-mindedness to uncover hidden passions or interests

Follow a C.L.E.A.R. path when you find a new interest

C.L.E.A.R. path: Curiosity sparks Learning, Enthusiasm drives involvement, Awareness deepens commitment, Recognition follows passion's emergence