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Impact of Zodiac Signs on Romantic Relationships

Aries partners are never boring, but require attention. They seek constant movement and excitement, and may lose interest easily.

Aries likes to take the lead

Tauruses are loyal to a fault and prefer a steady, slow-burning relationship.  They are practical and not fond of change, aiming for a long-lasting union.

Taurus prefers slow, steady relationships

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Gemini keep things casual

Gemini's duality makes it tough to settle down. They prefer casual relationships and mental stimulation.  Geminis may struggle to open up in a relationship.

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Cancers are great partners

Cancers desire security and comfort in relationships but can retreat if they lose interest, says astrologist Furiate. Getting to know them is key.


Leos desire love, adoration, and loyalty in relationships.  Their fixed nature makes ending bad relationships challenging. They are fun-loving and generous.

Leos are unfailingly loyal

Virgos are goal-oriented and enjoy serving and sharing personal growth in their relationships. They prefer working towards a common purpose with their partner.

Virgos work to improve their relationships

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Libras crave romance

Libras crave old-school romance, seek harmony and balance in relationships.  They are giving, generous, and value connecting on a cerebral level.

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Scorpios are guarded, but passionate

Scorpios pursue love with intense passion and help partners open up.  They seldom reveal their own heart but bring out depth of passion in others.


Sagittarians are adventurous, preferring excitement over commitment in relationships. Keeping up with them can be a challenge, warns astrologist Furiate.

Sagittarians want new relationships

Capricorns take relationships seriously and stick around when things get tough.  Despite their cold exterior, they desire deep love and remain loyal.

Capricorns aren't casual about relationships

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