Is Your Relationship Toxic

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Recognize the signs of a toxic relationship - competition, lack of support, mistrust, and disregard for your needs.

Lack of support


Lack of support

Prioritize open communication, seek professional help if needed, and consider ending the toxic relationship for your well-being.


Toxic communication

Reflect on the negative communication patterns in your relationship - sarcasm, criticism, contempt, and avoidance.


Seek professional help, practice empathy, and work towards rebuilding healthy communication based on kindness and respect.

Toxic communication


Acknowledge and address your feelings of envy or jealousy towards your partner's successes.

Envy or jealousy


Cultivate open communication, practice trust-building exercises, and seek professional guidance if persistent jealousy and mistrust continue to impact your relationship.

Envy or jealousy


Excessive questioning and control indicate potential toxicity. Address underlying trust issues and seek support to establish healthier boundaries. #RelationshipRedFlags

Controlling behaviors


Holding grudges erodes intimacy. Communicate concerns openly. Lack of trust and unresolved grievances indicate toxic dynamics. #RelationshipGrowth



Constantly lying about your whereabouts indicates underlying issues. Address avoidance, fear, and lack of trust to foster a healthier relationship



Chronic lateness and disregard for time signals disrespect. Discuss the issue and express how it affects you. Seek mutual understanding and change

Patterns of disrespect


Disrespecting financial agreements undermines trust. Openly communicate and uphold agreed-upon financial boundaries for a healthier relationship.

Negative financial behaviors