Keep Your Labrador Happy and Healthy

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Daily Brushing of Coat

Labradors shed heavily in autumn and spring. Daily brushing reduces hair fall, keeps them clean, and maintains a shiny coat. Use a suitable dog brush for removing dead hairs and maintaining their dense undercoat

Regular Exercise

Labradors need regular exercise for physical and mental fitness. Weight gain or excessive chewing indicates under-exercise.

Regular Exercise

Healthy adult labs need 1 hour of daily exercise. Relaxed labs require 30-45 mins. Puppies need gentle exercise based on their age, avoiding excessive activity

Provide them with a Healthy Diet

Labradors are food-loving dogs and can be manipulative. Provide a balanced diet rich in nutrients and Omega 3 fatty acids for a healthy coat

Provide them with a Healthy Diet

Their diet should support their size, activity level, and prevent diseases. Opt for nutritious and delicious food to meet their nutritional needs

Begin Their Training Early

Don't stop training labradors after housebreaking. Their large size requires proper training for control and safety

Begin Their Training Early

Labradors are intelligent and easy to train. Use rewards and treats for effective and quick training sessions.

Give them Chew Resistant Dog Toys

Labradors chew when under-exercised. Provide chew-resistant toys to keep them engaged and release energy in a healthy way.

Socialize Them Well

Socialize labradors to fulfill their sociable nature. Avoid tying them outside; they crave family interaction. Walk them in the park and use appropriate collars for control if needed

Play With Them Endlessly

Play with your labrador to strengthen the bond. Indoor or outdoor, they love endless play sessions. Play fetch to engage them and fulfill their retriever instincts

All in all,

Show love to your Labrador Retrievers. Follow the tips for their happiness and health. Witness the growing bond between you two