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Love Signals from Your Pet You Should Know

Dogs love and respect their favourite humans by staring at them. Dogs may view eye contact as aggressive.  Faces show emotions. Engaged, smiling faces are happy.

Eye Contact

A wagging tail is not always a sign of a happy dog. Stiff muscles with a wagging tail could mean annoyance or anger.  Dogs give signals through body language.

Tail Wagging

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Dogs can yawn in response to their owner's yawn, indicating empathy or comfort.  Constant yawning may signal sickness or jaw problems.

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Lifting Their Eyebrows

Dogs show happiness by lifting their left eyebrow when they see their owners.  Pay attention to facial expressions, not just tail wagging!


Cuddling with your dog is more than just a dreamy experience; it signifies a great bond between you both, as they choose to be with you over anyone else.


Dogs show love by freaking out when you come home, whether you've been gone for minutes or days. 

Big Welcomes

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Sleeping Next To You

Dogs transfer their wild pack instincts to their human family, as they naturally sleep huddled with their pack. They show this behavior when safe.

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Dogs can smile, and an open and relaxed mouth indicates happiness.  So, the next time your dog smiles, know that it's a sign of their affection.


Dogs may lean against their owners due to anxiety, wanting attention or cuddles, or for comfort and security, showing love and trust in their humans.

Leaning Against You

Dogs stealing your clothes is a sign of adoration and love for your scent.  They experience the world through smell, so they keep your scent close to them.

Stealing Your Clothes

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