Best Haircuts for Women

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Butterfly Haircut

The butterfly haircut offers versatility with shorter front hair, maintaining length elsewhere. Its rising popularity allows experimentation.

Octopus Haircut

The round, bulbous shape of the butterfly haircut resembles an octopus head. It's similar to a shag with wispy layers. Bring an inspiration photo to your stylist.

Air Bangs

Air bangs, a popular style in Seoul, are fine and wispy, intentionally cut thin to allow your forehead to show through.

The Power Bob

The sleek, power bob is gaining popularity inspired by the hit HBO show. Keep it chin-length or slightly below, without layers, for an accurate replication.

The Shullet

The shullet, or "wolf cut," is a textured hybrid of a shag and mullet. Great for finer hair, it adds volume and body.

The Smullet

The smullet is a shorter version of the shullet, falling just above or at the shoulders for a lob-like appearance.

The Mixie

A mixie is an edgy haircut, longer in the back like a mullet and shorter in the front like a pixie. It's low-maintenance with loose length around the hairline.

The Italian Bob

Florence Pugh's "Italian Bob" or "The Boyfriend Bob" is a trendy style with interior layers for separation and shape control.

Sideswept Pixie

Short sides, long top. Style with pomade for a sweptback look.

Modern Mullet

Miley-inspired modern mullet: face-framing layers, gradual length in back. Use dry shampoo for ruffled, day-two texture.

Long Pixie

Versatile in-between style: bob-pixie hybrid. Side-part and sweep ends for sleekness.