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Mind Games of Insecure Men in Relationships

 Have you ever wondered if he's a keeper? But then he doesn't show up for dinner and blames you for it.

 Doubting yourself is not the solution. Stop wasting time on someone who doesn't value you.

Insecure men often play mind games. Here are three to watch out for.

 Blaming and projection are subconscious behaviors that can be dangerous to relationships.

 Blamers lack self-esteem and seek fault with you instead of themselves.

 Take some time alone or talk to someone about the situation to get perspective.

Gather data on when the blame happens and have a talk with your partner or friend.

 If the conversation produces more blame, it's time to leave.

 Shaming in a relationship can be toxic and is often used to manipulate or tear down.

 Don't buy into shame and distance yourself emotionally and physically if it becomes chronic.

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