the most mysterious places in the oceans

Mysterious species discovered beneath Antarctic ice shelf, including unknown sea anemones and upside-down swimming fish. Implications for astrobiology explored.

Underneath the Ross Sea Ice Shelf

Gakkel Ridge: Deepest mid-ocean ridge harbors Arctic hydrothermal vents. Unique species and glass-like structures discovered. Exciting microbial life findings.

Gakkel Ridge

Methane seeps: warm oases of life on the ocean floor.

Cascadia's Champagne Seeps

Hidden treasure: the mysterious deep coral reef of Greenland, a thriving ecosystem in total darkness and freezing temperatures.

Greenland coral reefs

Tonga Trench: Mysterious Hadal Zone Teeming with Strange Creatures

The Abyssal Depths

Talc Hydrothermal Vents: Unusual and Thriving Ecosystem in the Caribbean

Von Damm Vent Field

Carter Seamount: Rich Underwater Ecosystem Threatened by Over-Fishing

Carter Seamount

Silfra Fissure: Crystal-Clear Waters and Continental Diving

Silfra fissure

Unveiling the Secrets of Chagos Islands' Twilight Zone Reefs

Chagos Islands: Enigmatic Twilight Zone Reefs