Most Independent Zodiac Signs as Ranked

Aquarius: Self-sufficient, strong-willed individuals who march to their own beat. They value relationships but know what they require.

#1 Aquarius

Sagittarius: Adventurous, inquisitive individuals who value independence.  They seek truth and treasure freedom above all else.

#2 Sagittarius

Aries: Fiercely independent and motivated  individuals who never give up on a challenge.  They create their own rules and make excellent leaders

#3 Aries

Virgo: Introverted, self-sufficient individuals who enjoy relying on themselves and making decisions without help. They trust their intuition.

#4 Virgo

Capricorn: Ambitious, self-sufficient individuals with a strong inner drive.  They don't require anyone's approval to be happy and are dedicated workers.

#5 Capricorn

Gemini: Independent individuals who advocate for themselves and dislike being told what to do.  They require validation and acceptance from others.

#6 Gemini

Scorpio: Resilient, strong-willed individuals with a strong intuition.  They have a desire to succeed and are self-sufficient in accomplishing their goals.

#7 Scorpio

Leo: Passionate, ambitious individuals with a strong will.  They know how to get things done but require others to feed their egos.

#8 Leo

Taurus: Practical, laid-back individuals who prefer to make their own decisions without influence.  They value independence and self-sufficiency.

#9 Taurus

Pisces: Creative, sensitive individuals who value their alone time.  They require emotional support and validation but also enjoy their independence.

#9 Pisces

Libra: Diplomatic, social individuals who value harmony and balance.  They can be independent but also require emotional support and validation from others.

#9 Libra

Cancer: Nurturing, empathetic individuals who value their relationships with others.  They require emotional support and validation from those close to them.

#10 Cancer

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