Most "Irrational" Zodiac Sign as Per Astrologers

Geminis are free spirits, constantly trying new things and flitting from group to group without staying long with one person.


Despite their social nature, Geminis can be anxious and needy, requiring validation and acting irrationally when they don't get it.

Scorpios have intense emotions and can lash out or hold grudges. As a fixed sign, they can be irrational.


Ruled by Pluto, Scorpios are in touch with their emotions and may easily forgo reason, spiraling into distress.

Pisces are romantic and sensitive, preferring to live in a fairytale. They love deeply, but only if their vision is supported.


This water sign can become irrational if they don't receive their desired response. They get passive aggressive and ignore advice.

Leo fiery passion can make them irrational and melodramatic. They're quick to fight and stubborn due to their fixed nature.


Ruled by the Sun, Leos prioritize themselves and take criticism as a personal attack, disregarding reason.

Capricorns are responsible leaders who value success and care about their reputation, often being conscious of other's opinions.


Trying to please everyone can lead to irrational behavior, lies, and exaggeration, causing trouble for Capricorns, according to Newman.

Despite appearing grounded, Virgos can be irrational due to their pursuit of perfection, leading to meltdowns when things go wrong.


Virgos mutable nature and ruling planet Mercury, which governs communication, can cause overthinking and indecisiveness.

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