Most Luckiest Zodiac Signs Ranked by Astrologers

Jupiter makes Sagittarius the luckiest zodiac sign. Positive thinking and hard work make them lucky. The most energetic sign, these zodiacs seek success.

#1 Sagittarius

Leos are confident, cheerful, and well-presented. Lazy but wise, they're the second luckiest zodiac. They know when to pursue their goals.

#2 Leo

Capricorns are determined to succeed no matter what. Along with Sagittarius and Leo, their efficiency and drive make them lucky in 2022.

#3 Capricorn

The fourth luckiest zodiac sign is Virgo. They believe in hard effort, not luck. They can live happily by working hard and wisely, even if they miss certain chances.

#4 Virgo

Scorpio, ruled by Pluto, is loyal and bold. They work hard to achieve dreams, using cleverness. They face challenges but are strong.

#5 Scorpio

Uranus-ruled Aquarius is smart, versatile, and lucky. Though confused, they find opportunities in scary situations. 2023 is their lucky year.

#6 Aquarius

Pisces is lucky in 2021 and 2023. They're ruled by Neptune and have a gift for empathy, which helps them form lasting bonds.

#7 Pisces

Taurus, ruled by Venus, is patient and loves prosperity and comfort. Lazy but wise investors, they cherish quality. Family and friends make them lucky.

#8 Taurus

Cancer is a lucky lunar sign. Their simplicity and defensiveness may hinder success, but taking risks can bring fortune. Hard work and determination make them lucky.

#9 Cancer

Gemini, an air sign ruled by Mercury, is social and talkative. They attract and impress people easily but struggle alone. Their luck depends on partners.

#10 Gemini

Aries is the third most successful zodiac sign due to their hard work and confidence. They may make enemies by using raw power to conquer barriers.

#10 Aries

Libra zodiac people aren't lucky, but successful in various fields. They focus on justice & balance, not luck. Diplomatic nature helps negotiate downsides.

#10 Libra

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