Most Popular Android Apps


"WhatsApp, now owned by Facebook, has become the world's top messaging app with 2.9 billion downloads in 2018 and maintaining its popularity in 2022.


"Despite scandals and privacy concerns, Facebook remains a top downloaded app, second only to WhatsApp, showing its enduring popularity."

Facebook Messenger

"Facebook's dominance continues with Messenger at third place, growing in popularity and now kid-friendly with features like Sleep Mode."


"Instagram, acquired by Facebook in 2012, is highly downloaded and receives fewer negative reviews compared to its parent company."

Garena Free Fire

"Garena Free Fire, a 2017 battle royale game, pits 50 players against each other on a shrinking island. Social features include adding friends and chatting."


"TikTok's rapid growth continues as users create and share short videos, surpassing one billion downloads and offering strategies to gain followers."

Subway Surfers

"Subway Surfers, an endless runner game, ranks seventh, offering a thrilling escape from a pursuing police officer and dog."

Candy Crush Saga

"Candy Crush Saga, with 1.2 billion downloads, ranks third among popular games, enticing Android users with its colorful candy matching.


Instagram copies Snapchat but Snapchat's user base grows to 330M. However, its market share remains low. Should we worry or expect a revival?


Spotify enters top 20, now at #10. COVID boosts growth: paid users rise from 130M to 160M in 12 months, total users at 420M, doubling since 2017.

UC Browser

Long-standing free browser, a great Chrome alternative. Fast, user-friendly, supports extensions, and has a download manager. High Play Store rating: 4.34.