Most Popular Cat Breeds for Feline Lovers

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Siamese cats, originating from Thailand, have distinct "points" markings. Foundational breed for Oriental shorthair, sphynx, Himalayan. Known for intelligence, vocal skills.


Persians: "smushed-face" cats with long fur coats. Popular and featured in media. Requires regular grooming. Prone to diseases like renal and cardiac issues.

Maine Coon

Large, gentle giant with thick fur coat. Official cat of Maine. Great hunters. Popular breed with polydactylism. Adaptable coloration.


Docile, go limp when picked up. Resemble long-haired Siamese with pointed patterns. Blue eyes, dog-like personalities.


Wild-looking, domesticated. Talkative, need exercise. Diverse colors, patterns like spots and rosettes. Bred from domestic and wildcat ancestors.


Distinctive coat, pointy ears, wedge-shaped head. Active, curious, playful. Originated from Ethiopia. Follow owners like dogs.


Color-pointed cats with blue eyes, medium-long coat. Original stock for ragdolls. Fun, social, one-person cat.

Oriental Shorthair

Slender, separate breed from Siamese. Green eyes, diverse colors. Can have long hair. Prone to skin cancer, wears sweaters.


Furless, non-shedding. Unique appearance, social, active. Playful and goofy, despite regal look.

Devon Rex

Wavy, soft hair, slender bodies, big ears. Playful, active, trainable. Lively, sweet disposition.


Siamese crossbreed. Color points. Affectionate, sweet, playful. Sub-breed or separate breed status.