Natural Ways to Boost Your Energy

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Get more sleep

Sleep deprivation drains energy, affects mood. Aim for 7 hours of sleep to boost energy levels and support health.


Get more sleep

Establish a sleep schedule, wind down with relaxing activities. Limit electronic device use for better sleep quality and less daytime sleepiness


Reduce stress

Stress affects physical and mental health, linked to tiredness. Identify stressors, remove or reduce them for long-term well-being


Causes of stress: work/school/home pressure, life changes, trauma. Find ways to cope and manage stress effectively for better health

Reduce stress


Move more

Regular exercise lowers chronic disease risk and fights fatigue, boosts energy levels


Study: Low-intensity running improved fatigue and sleep quality. Exercise enhances well-being

Move more


If you smoke, consider quitting

Smoking harms health, increases chronic disease risk. Tar reduces lung efficiency, causes fatigue. Quitting boosts energy levels


Limit alcohol

"Alcohol sedates but disrupts sleep quality. Limit intake before bed. Seek professional support for alcohol moderation. CDC guidelines: 1 drink for women, 2 for men."


Eat a nutritious diet

Improve energy levels by adopting a well-rounded diet. Choose whole, nutritious foods over processed ones. Avoid skipping meals for fatigue prevention


Limit added sugar

Avoid sugar for sustained energy. High sugar foods lead to crashes. Choose whole grains, fruits, veggies for stable energy levels and better health


Stay hydrated

Stay hydrated for optimal health. Dehydration affects energy, mood, brain function. Drink water when thirsty, especially in hot climate or during physical activity


Connect with people

Maintain social connections for better health. Social isolation leads to low mood and fatigue. Seek social support, join clubs, volunteer, and engage in hobbies to boost energy and well-being