Reasons You Should Consider Adopting an Older Dog

Take time to grieve.

Grieving the loss of a pet takes time; accept it. There's no set timetable for moving on. Allow yourself to go through the natural grieving process.

Don’t try to hide or ignore sadness.

Face and express your grief when mourning a pet. Don't deny or delay the process. Cry, talk it out, let your emotions be heard.

Accept feelings of guilt

Feeling guilty about your pet's death is common. Seek pet loss counseling for support and understanding.

Get the right support

Seek comfort from understanding sources during your grief. While friends and family may not fully understand, there are supportive communities and pet loss resources available.

.Put your feelings on paper

Journaling allows you to express unfiltered thoughts and memories. Include pictures, special places, and mementos to reminisce about your pet.

Hold a ceremony

Funeral ceremonies for pets provide a way to express loss, begin healing, and find closure. Donna Henes, a certified funeral celebrant, offers this compassionate service for bereaved pet owners.

Create a memorial

Sileo created a memorial for his late dog, Ozzie, using his cremated remains and preserved hair. Placing it on the fireplace with a picture is a loving tribute. Find a memorial spot to honor and cherish your pet's memory.

1. Over time, you'll adjust to life without your companion. Memorials are personal, but remember the importance of finding peace and healing within yourself.

Volunteer at an animal shelter

But if you can’t bear to be around other animals, that’s normal too, Zimmerman says. You’re just not ready yet.