Relationship Red Flags That Everyone Misses

Confusion about relationship status is a red flag. Be honest with yourself about what you want and need. Pay attention to what you're not getting.

You feel confused

Watch out for partners who only talk about themselves and don't ask about you. If they're not interested, it's a red flag, warns Shafner.

They don't ask questions or seem interested

"Bids of invitation" are relationship requests. According to relationship specialist Saudia L. Twine, PhD, responding to them validates and connects.

You ignore requests for attention

Nicole Rainey advises against avoiding conflict in relationships. Learning to fight quietly and fairly is part of healthy communication.

You never fight

Raskin suggests that walking on eggshells around your partner may indicate that you're not a safe space. Your relationship may not be doomed.

You feel more like yourself with other people

Assuming your partner's actions or beliefs may keep you from viewing them as a complicated person and miss red signals. To create trust, avoid assumptions.

Your partner would never do something

If you doubt your relationship, speak up. Ignoring doubts can lead to disconnection. Partners must respond reassuringly for a stronger bond.

You hide your doubts about the relationship

Lack of eye contact in a relationship may indicate underlying issues, says psychologist David Helfand. Eye gazing can help rebuild intimacy.

You don't make eye contact

Compromise is essential, but always accommodating the other person is a red flag. Break the cycle for balance and less resentment.

You're always the one who compromises

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