Rome, Italy: Home to historical sites such as the Colosseum, Roman Forum, and Vatican City, featuring St. Peter's Basilica and the Sistine Chapel.


Capuchin Crypt: A macabre masterpiece in Rome. Decorated with 4,000 bones, it's an eerie underground chapel beneath Santa Maria della Concezione Dei Cappuccin.

Capuchin Crypt Rome

Palazzo Massimo alle Terme: Marvel at world-class art and artifacts. Neo-Renaissance palace housing exceptional archaeological and classical collections in Rome.

Palazzo Massimo alle Terme Rome

Musei di Villa Torlonia: Discover 19th-century art and lifestyle. Casino Nobile, Casina Delle Civette, Casino Dei Principi, and Serra Moresca. Rich collections, stunning design, English garden.

Musei di Villa Torlonia Rome

Villa Doria Pamphili: Historic park in Rome. 17th-century villa, largest public park. Pamphili family home, statues, perfect getaway with friends and family.

Villa Doria Pamphili Rome

Centrale Montemartini: Industrial archaeology turned museum. Ancient collections showcased in an electrical power plant setting. Classical sculptures, excavated from Rome.

Centrale Montemartini Rome

Bioparco di Roma: Famous zoo with animal-friendly enclosures. 1200+ animals, 200+ species. Created for public enjoyment, not just scientific purposes.

Bioparco di Roma

Apostolic Palace: Pope's summer home, extravagant 17th-century villa. Lavish rooms, gardens, fountains. Experience the Pope's private space.

Apostolic Palace

Kyoto's Philosopher's Path: A scenic trail adorned with cherry blossoms. Perfect for cherry blossom viewing. Don't miss the breathtaking beauty in April!

Domus Aurea Rome