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Signs He's Not Over You: Subtle Clues

 After a breakup, it's natural to wonder if he still loves you. Men are more likely to stay hung up over women.

 Signs he still loves you: his current girlfriend sees you as a threat, he keeps photos of you on social media, and mutual friends say he misses you.

 He may earn a reputation for talking about how much he hates you, which can actually mean he misses you.

 Drunk dials, keeping tabs on you, and being upset when you date someone new are all signs he still has feelings for you.

 Going hot and cold, trying to sabotage your new relationship, and staying in contact with your family and friends are other signs.

 When it comes to you, his emotions are in overdrive, and he tries to touch you or gives you sad puppy dog eyes.

He may come up with excuses to keep himself relevant to you, rebound with someone else, or post sad love songs on social media.

 If he's trying to show you how much better life is without you, it's because he still loves you and is hurting for you to crawl back.

 The most obvious sign is if he openly says he still loves you.

 Remember, these signs don't necessarily mean you should get back together with him. Trust your instincts and do what's best for you.

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