Signs of Partner's Secret Life: Therapists Insights

In relationships, follow the money. Changes in how your partner handles their finances could signal a hidden second life.

They're showing some financial discrepancies

Increased spending or unaccounted for income may indicate a problem. Money is a common sign of trouble in relationships.

Guarded or defensive behavior from your partner may indicate they're hiding a secret life and don't want you to find out.

They're extra defensive

Deceptive partners may engage in gaslighting to avoid the concern of a secret life and make their partner question their reality.

Look out for unexplained absences if you suspect your partner is hiding something. They may need alone time to maintain secrecy.

They have unexplained absences

Changes in behavior, like returning home late and being vague about whereabouts, may be signs of secret behavior, warns Ogle.

Suspicious cell phone behavior, such as hiding it and receiving calls or texts at odd hours, could indicate infidelity.

They're extra private with their phone

If you suspect something, confront your partner, even if it's tough. It can help find a solution.

Some secretive people get defensive when questioned, while others use ambiguous answers to hide their secret life.

hey give vague answers

According to Beth Ribarsky, vague answers may indicate that your partner is pulling away or hiding information.

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