Signs That Your Partner Wants to Break Up

Partner's remark about your lack of listening may signal relationship troubles, according to therapist Kalley Hartman.

It doesn't matter hat I say, you never listen anyway

Frequent use of such comments suggests a need for communication improvement and discussion about both partners' concerns.

Partner's indifferent response to making plans may indicate a lack of desire for shared decision-making, signaling a need to reconnect.

I don't care what we do tonight, you decide

Passive-aggressive comments may serve as a way to avoid direct communication about detachment or disengagement in the relationship.

Constant remarks about your efforts not being sufficient may suggest your partner's dissatisfaction and a potential desire to end the relationship.

It doesn't matter what I do, you don't notice anyway

Address the underlying issues behind their comments to foster communication, understanding, and support for both partners in the relationship.

Feeling distant or unlike yourself may be a sign of a deteriorating relationship. Your partner may be using it to hint at emotional disconnection.

You seem really distant lately

It doesn't necessarily mean they want to break up, but it's a signal that something needs to change. It can create resentment and frustration.

Partners who claim you don't understand them often feel unappreciated and may be seeking an exit strategy.

You don't understand me

Such comments can indicate a need for validation and a stronger bond, suggesting the relationship requires attention.

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