Signs Your Partner Won't Cheat - Therapist Insights

Signs of cheating include guarded devices and excessive security measures, while less inclined partners tend to be more laid back.

They're chill with their tech

Trustworthy partners are relaxed with device use and willingly share information without hesitation because they have nothing to hide.

Previous conduct is a predictor of future behavior, says Marley Howard, licensed marriage and family therapist. Cheating history matters.

They've never cheated in the past

Although people and circumstances change, knowing your partner stayed faithful in the past speaks positively to their values.

Strong emotional connection in a relationship can reduce the likelihood of cheating. A solid bond helps resist temptation, says Carleton.

The two of you have a high level of emotional intimacy

Emotional intimacy is key to a healthy relationship. It involves open communication, conflict resolution, and feeling accepted without fear of criticism, says Carleton.

Certain personality traits like conscientiousness, self-control, empathy, secure attachment style, and high self-esteem make people less likely to cheat.

They have these personality traits

However, these traits do not entirely predict infidelity, and trusting your intuition remains crucial to identifying cheating behavior.

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