Small Dog Breeds That Make Great Pets

Papillon: Oldest toy spaniel with butterfly-like ears. "Big dog" personality, energy, and agility. Train early, keep occupied to prevent excessive barking.


Chihuahuas: Small but feisty. Loud and demanding, may not be ideal for households with kids. Loyal and affectionate, suitable for quiet homes or older individuals.


Yorkshire Terrier: Small, spunky, intelligent, and playful. Gets along with cats, dominates larger dogs. Not ideal for homes with young, energetic children due to fragility.

Yorkshire Terrier

Cocker Spaniels: Perfect for kids, the right size. Silky, loyal, and easy to train. Eager to please their family every day.

Cocker Spaniel

Maltese: Companion dog with a forever puppy-like attitude. Adorable with button eyes and silky coat. Requires regular maintenance.


Beagles: Spirited and intelligent. Originally bred for hunting, their keen sense of smell can lead to interesting walks. Beware of chewing tendencies, provide safe alternatives.


Bichon: Adorable and cuddly. Affectionate and eager to please, but needs consistent training. Not recommended for families with small, rambunctious children due to potential for biting.

Bichon Frise

Boston Terrier: Friendly and enthusiastic companion. Happy and adaptable, enjoys couch time and playing fetch. Sturdy despite small size, not overly yappy. Requires exercise and training for good behavior.

Boston Terrier

Cavalier: Bird-flushing, enjoys walks, animated, intuitive. Great therapy pets. Suited for families with older children for outdoor play.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Dachshund: Excellent watchdog, attached to family. Can be aggressive with unfamiliar children. Curious, adventurous, enjoys digging, hunting, and tracking by scent.