Subtle Signs of a Checked-Out Partner in Relationship

Sudden disappearance of your partner may indicate their detachment. Talk to them to clarify the issue before making assumptions.

They suddenly lack accountability

Neglecting commitments, disregarding needs, and being inconsiderate are signs of a lack of investment in the relationship.

A partner who doesn't make an effort to chat about their day might be checked out, leading to relationship problems.

They stop asking about your day

Not showing interest in a partner's life outside of the relationship can be a sign of disinterest and cause for concern.

Partner's phone obsession could be a habit or a bigger issue. Address it with a deeper conversation.

They're always on their phone

When a partner is constantly on their phone, they may be checked out of the relationship, warns therapist Jackie Martinez.

We curate our social media profiles to showcase how we desire our lives to be, according to Ariel Landrum, a licensed therapist.

They don't post you on social media

Over-posting about a relationship alone or excluding your partner in social media posts could indicate distancing, Landrum adds.

Paige Bond, a couples counselor, says not fighting may indicate your partner is emotionally disengaged.

They stop picking fights

According to Bond, avoiding conflict is common in partners with avoidant tendencies, but healthy conflict is important in relationships.

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