Sun-Protection Foods to Turn Your Skin 


"Blueberries: antioxidant-rich, protect skin from sun damage, and prevent wrinkles. Wild variety is even more potent.


"Watermelon: rich in lycopene, boosts skin's sun protection. Daily consumption for weeks provides natural sunblock. SPF and clothing still necessary.

Nuts and seeds

Omega-3s from walnuts, seeds, fish, and eggs nourish skin, maintain integrity, reduce inflammation, and aid sun damage recovery

Carrots and leafy greens

Beta carotene: converted to vitamin A for skin health. Foods like carrots, kale, and spinach provide natural sun protection.

Green tea

Green tea's EGCG fights UV-induced tumors and protects skin from UVA damage. Preserves collagen, maintaining skin integrity.


Cauliflower: pale but powerful. Contains antioxidants, fights oxidative stress, and offers natural sun protection with histidine.