Texting Etiquette After a First Date: Expert Advice

Texting your date the same night is recommended. It shows they're on your mind and maintains the connection.

Don't stress over texting too soon after the first date

If you had a great time and felt a connection, experts advise sending a text immediately after the date to express interest.

Texting after a first date can wait 24 to 48 hours, according to dating expert Lana Otoya. It allows time to assess the date's outcome.

You can hold off a little longer if you're being cautious

If unsure about the date's success, wait a day before texting. Keep it simple and express enjoyment, giving time for reflection and interest assessment.

Text no later than the next day after a first date to express you had a great time or show gratitude, experts advise.

But don't wait too long to follow up

Waiting more than 48 hours is too long; in a society of instant gratification, quick feedback is expected, especially in online dating.

Texting too soon can seem eager, while texting too late can seem uninterested. Experts prioritize authenticity over specific timelines.

Experts recommend being authentic over anything else

Relax and be yourself when it comes to texting after a first date, as there are many right ways to approach it.

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