the 10 most popular cat breeds, as counted by The Cat Fanciers’ Association


The Siberian cat

Siberian cats from Russian tundra, gaining popularity. Medium to large, athletic and affectionate. Adaptable and wonderful feline companions.

The Sphynx cat

Hairless Sphynx cats have unique look from genetic mutation. Outgoing and adaptable, with sense of humor. Require frequent bathing.

The Scottish fold cat

Scottish fold cats: unique folded ears, wide eyes. Quiet, sweet, adaptable to busy households. Great for first-time cat owners.

The Abyssinian cat

Ancient Abyssinian cats, popular for centuries. Curious, active, need entertainment. Independent in finding their own amusement.

The British shorthair cat

Formerly British Blue, now diverse in colors. Dense coat, great barn cats. Adapted to semi-independent life in homes. Fiercely loyal breed.

the Persian cat

Elegant Persian cats with long coats. Popular in shows and as pets. Well-rounded, laid back, loyal. Seek attention and play when ready.

The Exotic shorthair cat

Exotic shorthair cats, easier to care for than Persians. Shorter coat, less grooming. Livelier, can be aloof with strangers. Independent pets, not demanding constant attention.

 The Devon Rex cat

Devon Rex cats: unique with "butterfly ears." Short, fragile coat, no brushing needed. Social, playful, love climbing. Affectionate after playtime.

The Maine Coon cat

Maine Coon cats, second largest breed. Originated in the U.S. during Civil War. Gentle giants, need grooming and exercise. Lots of love in return.

The Ragdoll cat

Ragdoll cats: CFA's most popular for fourth year. Recognized since 1998, selectively bred since 1960s. Mellow personality, stunning blue eyes.