The 7 Characteristics Of An Eagle


Eagles Have Vision

perched or soaring, attentive with keen vision. Specially designed eyes for long-distance focus. Spotting prey or other eagles from 50 miles away

Eagles are fearless

never surrenders, fights for prey/territory. Golden Eagle's remarkable hunting strategy, preying on larger goats. Instinct to protect loved ones, no fear of size or weapons

Eagles are Tenacious

Soars higher in storms while others fear. Leaders face challenges as storms, rising to greater heights. Confronting challenges head-on, like an eagle, is a vital leadership characteristic.

Eagles are High Flyers

10,000 feet, swift landing. Eagles don't mingle with pigeons; they soar silently, seize opportunities. Great leaders solve problems, embrace challenges like eagles in storms.

Eagles Never Eat Dead Meat

no scavenging, only fresh prey. True leaders surround themselves with vibrant, liberal thinkers. Seek change thinkers and makers. Influence of company and books shapes one's character

Eagles posses Vitality

Eagle's re-energizing metamorphosis at age 30. Leaders reflect, adapt, and grow. Evaluate experiences, stay updated, improve as a leader

Eagles Nurture their younger ones

Fierce and nurturing, eagles astonish. Aggressive reputation, yet gentle and attentive to young. Mother eagle teaches to fly, pushing them to overcome fears. Impressive balance of strength and care

Distribution and habitat

Endemic to the Philippines, mainly on Mindanao. Found in dipterocarp and montane forests. Population concentrated in certain areas. Limited old-growth forest remaining in range. Range spans approximately 146,000 km2