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The Psychology Behind One-Sided Attraction

 Unrequited love is a difficult reality for some people to accept, especially if it's a repeating pattern.

 Projection is a common reason why some women fall for men who don't reciprocate their feelings. We tend to see things in others that don't apply to them.

Some people unconsciously enjoy the drama and chase of unrequited love, preferring it to the reality of a committed relationship.

 Fear of intimacy can also be a reason why some women pursue unrequited love. It's a way of keeping the sensation of being in love without the risk of commitment.

Sometimes, a fear of love is rooted in our past and can involve painful experiences and disappointments.

 Any of these conditions can bring allure to a situation involving unrequited love.

 But, it's important to remember that a real relationship requires mutual feelings.

 If you desire a relationship, take a look at yourself and identify what might be holding you back from finding love.

 It can be difficult to be vulnerable, but taking a risk is necessary to find reciprocated love.

 There's nothing quite like having a partner to share your life with who is emotionally available and willing to love you back.

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