the art of communication in a relationship


Better ways to resolve conflicts

"Constant arguing indicates poor communication. Instead, find alternative solutions to resolve conflicts without resorting to hurtful comments."

Listen carefully

"Improve communication: genuinely listen, avoid interruptions. Successful conversations rely on effective speaking and attentive listening."

Keep your partner in the priority

"Give full attention to your relationships. Avoid distractions, be present, nod, and maintain eye contact to show you're engaged."

Straight talks

"Face-to-face conversations are vital in relationships. Texting lacks tone and meaning. Avoid important discussions through text messages."

"Discuss little things, share anecdotes, talk about feelings. Address small problems to prevent bigger issues in the future."

Remember little things

"Communicate about problems, family, finances, and aspirations. Also, have uplifting conversations to deepen emotional connection."

Funnel out communication

"Improve communication. Be patient, listen fully before responding. Strive for better understanding and expressing yourself."

Be tolerant and calm

"Constructive, kind criticism to improve your partner. Explain motivation privately for serious conversations."

Do not criticise

"Find acceptance, avoid speaking in frustration. Embrace your relationships, promote open and honest conversations."

Accept the reality

"Let go of past mistakes in relationships. Ace communication for a better, baggage-free connection."

Leave the past behind you