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The Astrological Portrait of Libra Women

 Libra women are fun, social, and loving, charming people with their personality and optimism.

 They can hold their own in an argument, but prefer to avoid confrontation to maintain peace and harmony.

Libra ladies take their time to settle down and prefer to get to know someone before committing.

 When in love, they may struggle to come to terms with their affection and vacillate on commitment.

 Libra seeks balance and stability in a relationship, needs a partner who calls her out when needed.

They can be needy, moody, and resistant to showing their deeply passionate nature.

 Libra is compatible with Fire signs Leo and Sagittarius and fellow Air signs Gemini and Aquarius.

 Sexually, Libra is intellectually stimulated, wanting to please and be satisfied, can feel self-conscious without a cerebral connection.

Libra women are charming, intellectual, driven towards justice, passionate leaders but also selfish, unreliable, and vain.

They are the peacemaker, objective, social activists, and sensitive to others' feelings.

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