The Best Exercise Tips

Track your progress

Track your exercise progress for motivation. Photos and stats provide physical evidence, pushing you on tough days. Achieve weight loss, muscle gain, and endurance goals.

Form over speed

Maintain proper form during workouts to prevent injury. Focus on form, not just repetitions. Utilize YouTube videos for guidance on correct posture and technique.

Think beyond crunches

Strengthen your core with effective exercises like planks. Target the entire abdominal area for stronger abs and avoid carpet burns.

Mix it up

Avoid exercise plateau. Switch routines, target all muscles. Internet offers quick home workouts. Try outdoor running for a change.

Listen to your body

Exercise is crucial, but listen to your body when sick. Pushing through is admirable, but forcing exercise isn't always wise.

Eat carbs

Fuel your workouts with a pre-workout snack. Choose wholegrain carbs and protein for sustained energy. Opt for wholegrain toast and peanut butter.

Don’t forego foam-rolling

Foam rolling benefits everyone. Speeds up recovery, releases muscle tension, prevents soreness. Try it, not just for marathon runners.

Invest in physiotherapy

Physiotherapist isn't just for athletes. Get help for injuries, niggles, and reach fitness goals pain-free. Don't underestimate the benefits.

Be realistic and patient

Consistency is key for results. Don't expect instant changes. Be patient, reassess if needed. Exercise and diet go hand in hand.

Be prepared

Plan ahead for workouts. Pack gym clothes or lay out outfit before bed. Be prepared, avoid excuses, stay motivated.

You can’t outrun a bad diet

Exercise can't compensate for a poor diet. Nutrients fuel performance. It's more than calories in, calories out. Change diet for optimal exercise benefits.