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The Double Standard of Aging in Marriage

 All healthy parents want their children to grow up, although this can also be bittersweet and, at times, sad.

Yet some men are not okay with their wives maturing and instead want to freeze time and keep their wives in a younger incarnation.

Some men will think this post doesn’t apply to them because they still love their wife’s aging body or, if they take this to be a more macro level post

When men expect women to think about sex as much as they do, and assume that women must be "getting it somewhere else" if they don’t want sex within the marriage,

The way that your perimenopausal or menopausal monogamous wife thinks about sex is similar in frequency and enthusiasm to how you think about freeze tag.

 Aging mammals do not play and have sex as often and with the same avidity as old mammals.

Such men often are late bloomers who feel they never had enough sexual experience even as younger men, so they hold their aging wives up to impossible standards in order to somehow extend their sex lives on the other side.

 Often these aging men struggle with erectile issues but take Viagra/Cialis in order to still act as though they are younger, although their bodies are literally telling them that they don’t have the drive of a younger man.

In this case, Viagra is stopping the couple from naturally aging together and experiencing the decrement in drive that happens in both genders over time.

 Porn can also act like Viagra, and artificially inflate the man’s libido to the point where he truly thinks he has the sex drive of a man thirty years younger.

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